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Jonathon is a mainly figurative sculptor with a strong interest in our human interaction with the rest of the living world. His depictions of figures and shapes reveal new sides of ordinary subjects, and his sculpture makes a vivid impression. The interplay of restfulness and movement in the work is delightful and he gives great attention to volume and form.

The development of his ceramic interests began in 1983 as a side effect of his ceramic stove design work with the charity ITDG (now Practical Action). He found that clay as a medium offered almost limitless possibilities - a disadvantage in some ways and a great advantage in others -  offering a directness and freedom for the artistic impulse. One of its fascinating aspects is in the transition from malleable source material which can be gathered underfoot to a rock-like and eventually glassy substance. 

Iin 2011 Jonathon began sculpting - driven by his love for three dimensional work and the tactility of sculpture.

His long-standing interest in the natural world led to his artistic threads involving flora and fauna and is applied with more directly practical results in his work as a trustee of BBOWT - Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust - the largest of the UK county wildlife trusts with over 50,000 members.